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                                                                                       WEST TALLAHATCHIE SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                                                       SCHOOL UNIFORM POLICY



Research indicates that uniform attire enhances school safety, improves the learning environment, reduces tension between students, promotes good behavior, improves a child's self-respect/self-esteem and results, most times, in cost savings for families. Based on the benefits associated with wearing school uniforms, the West Tallahatchie County Board of Education has made school uniforms

mandatory for students in grades K-12.


For the purpose of this policy, school uniforms shall consist of the following types of clothing:


  • Tan, khaki, or navy blue pants (Skirts, shorts, and capris can be substituted for pants)

  • White, hunter green, or navy blue 2 or 3 button-down, pull-over, or casual shirt

  • Black, white, or navy blue socks

  • Solid brown or solid white tennis shoes

  • Solid white, solid brown, or black shoes or sandals

  • Shoestrings must match shoes and be solid in color

  • Belts must be worn at all times at waist length if pants have belt loops

  • Name-brand icons must be no larger or longer than a quarter

  • No paraphernalia that causes class disruptions or enhances/promotes gang behavior

  • No hats, doo rags, or bandanas shall be worn during any indoor school activities

  • No hooded shirts to be worn during any indoor activities

  • No skirts will be worn 2 inches above the knees

  • Shirt tails to be worn in at all times while at school


Consequences for non-compliance with uniform policy:


First Offense: Notification of Parent(s); Parent must bring change of uniform to school for the student, and confer with the Principal before student returns to class.


Second Offense: Student will not be allowed to enter class. Parent will be contacted to pick up student from school to change into uniform. Student will remain in ISS for the rest of the day,


Third Offense: Student will not be allowed to enter class. Parent will be contacted to pick up student from school. Student will remain at home for the rest of the day and return to school with parent the next day for conference with the principal before the student returns to class.